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In this short article I will explain how to activate and start the MySQL.

In the "manager-OSX" in the first "Welcome" tab click on "Open phpMyAdmin".

Your browser will open with phpMyAdmin.

Enter 'root' in the "Username:" and the database password that you entered during the MAMP bitnami setup in the "Password" field.

Now you are logged in.

Create a new User going to the "User accounts" tab, then "Add user account".

Type in the username in "Unser name" and password twice.

Keep "%" in the hostname during development.

Then grant all "data", "structure", "administration" and do not change "ressource limit", and click on "go" at the bottom.

In the left menu click on "new" to create a new database.

Enter the name of the database in the "Database name" field and click on "create".